Eye Candy

While I wait for some discussions to clear up some questions I have about this blog’s planned future content, I’d thought I’d entertain you with photos of the Auckland Volcanic Field from my personal collection:

Sky Tower View

A few of the volcanoes in Waitemata Harbour, Auckland. Photo by Elaine Smid.

This image was taken from Auckland’s Sky Tower, looking across the Waitemata Harbour, and shows the opposite view from the blog header image. Instead of looking from Rangitoto to the Sky Tower, here we are looking from the Sky Tower out to Rangitoto. The two obvious volcanoes in the header (Mt Victoria and North Head) are clearly seen as two areas of high relief on the peninsula in the harbour. Another volcano, Mount Cambria, is out of sight on the other side of Mount Victoria, though it has been largely quarried away so wouldn’t be seen anyway. The Port of Auckland, one of three comprising the Ports of Auckland, which handles 31% of all trade in NZ, is also apparent. I cannot resist noting my disappointment that The Cloud, built for the 2011 Rugby World Cup games (go All Blacks!), is located just out of the bottom left of the picture. Check it out. Just to bring it all full-circle, both the Port of Auckland and The Cloud are at risk of damage or interruption of services by an eruption in the harbour.

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