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Want to know more about the volcanoes in Auckland? You can find heaps of information about the Auckland Volcanic Field if you know where to look. In terms of the most recent research findings on the field, I think you can do no better than looking at the official DEtermining VOlcanic Risk (or ‘DEVORA’) research project website. I should divulge that I maintain the website. 🙂


DEVORA project homepage

It is hosted by the NZ Natural Hazards Platform and updated by the Platform webmasters. I’m planning on a bit of a redesign with some goodies soon. I am open to taking suggestions on how to improve it! As it stands now, we have the following pages:

  • The front page explains the project and lists the questions that we wanted to answer at the start of the DEVORA project. 
  • This page lists all the recent media about the project. DEVORA and our research scientists have been featured in the national print media, TV, and radio over 50 times since 2010! Clearly, people are interested in the topic. And we have a lot to say about our research, so that works out quite nicely.
  • The DEVORA Events page lists, well,…DEVORA events! That’s pretty self-explanatory. While most of our events are research forums designed for other scientists and our collaborators to check in with each other and discuss future research, most of the presentations given at those meetings are posted on the website for all to see. We usually get a good turnout for those forums–in addition to interesting research, we lure the scientists to meetings with the promise of some tasty nibbles. Scientists are no different from other people in that it is difficult for us to turn down free food!
  • Finally, there is the Publications page. This lists nearly every journal article and report that the DEVORA project has produced that specifically pertains to the Auckland Volcanic Field. Unfortunately a lot of the links are to pay-only sites accessible mainly to other scientists. You can, however, read the abstract (a short summary) of the papers on their sites. I hope to eventually have a short summary of each new paper coming out that explains the results so that it is easy to understand.

Other links to good resources about the Auckland Volcanic Field:

GNS Science

GeoNet: current volcano alert level for the Auckland Volcanic Field

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Science LearnHub

Smithsonian Institute’s Global Volcanism Program

Unofficially, I hope to post more about the research project, its findings, and what we’re doing day-to-day on this blog and my twitter.

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