Learn how to be a Resilient Aucklander!

Want to learn how to prepare for natural disasters like a volcanic eruption? Come to the (FREE!) Resilient Auckland Expo at the Aotea Centre later this month!

Any member of the public can visit our University of Auckland booth to learn more about DEVORA. I’ll be manning the booth along with some engineering folks, talking about the research we’ve been doing at the University of Auckland on natural hazards.

At the booth, I’ll have some goodies for people to take away about the project. You can also learn about project discoveries, talk to me about what we can expect from an eruption in Auckland, and what you can do to prepare. I will definitely have candy to give away, and some neat rocks for you to look at! One of our other funders, GNS Science, will also have a booth featuring DEVORA, GeoNet (the network of seismometers that monitors the Auckland Volcanic Field and rest of NZ for earthquakes) and RiskScape (a tool we are adapting to predict losses from disasters like an Auckland eruption).


Resilient Auckland Expo

Aotea Centre, Owen’s Foyer

Friday 21 March: 8 am – 6 pm

Saturday 22 March: 8 am – 6 pm

This event is sponsored by the Auckland Council’s Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group, whom we work very closely with to incorporate our DEVORA findings into policy.

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