DEVORA in New Zealand Geographic!

That’s right, we have gotten some great press lately–New Zealand Geographic magazine featured DEVORA research and the Auckland Volcanic Field in their latest (Jan/Feb 2015) issue as the cover story! An excerpt of the story can be found here.

Basically the whole of DEVORA was interviewed for this piece, and a LOT of work went into making all the details correct. We worked very closely with the photographers, writer, and editor for almost two years, in fact–I first pitched the story to the editor in March 2013. I’m excited that some of my PhD research is mentioned, and I have a photographic cameo as well. 🙂

I’m grateful to everyone who made it possible. It is a fantastic summary of the work that has been done and showcases all of the great strides we’ve made in DEVORA to unlock the secrets of the Auckland Volcanic Field.

It’s on sale for $15 at many newsstands, and online. The high quality of the photographs alone make it worth the price–I have my copy proudly displayed on on my coffee table right now.

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