A Fieldwork Day in the Life of a Volcanologist: A Pictorial

Ever wondered what a day in the field was like for a volcanologist? I shared my recent experience sampling the inner crater  of Ngauruhoe for my PhD on my (work) Facebook page (link):

Using a helicopter for fieldwork is definitely a special treat, but is a common tool used by many professional volcanologists to get to remote areas that need to be studied or mapped.

While it may seem like a glamorous, adventurous life, this one day of sampling will result in months to years in the lab, describing and photographing the samples, preparing them into thin sections and various chemical analyses, and then long hours on a computer interpreting the resulting data and writing up the results. To be a scientist, you have to love all of it, though of course field days are special to many of us.

What do you think? Would you like to be a volcanologist?

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