Everything You Need to Visit Every Auckland Volcano: New Downloadable PDF!

The AVF downloadable is here! Great cover artwork by DEVORA research assistant Thomas Stolberger. Click on the link in the text below to download your own checklist.

Over the years, the goal of visiting all the volcanoes in Auckland has become quite popular. Many folks have put this goal on their bucket list or even started blogs about it. One of the main difficulties with this goal is knowing where to go to check a certain volcano off the list. Many of our volcanoes have been quarried away, paved over, repurposed, or just plain do not look like the volcanoes they are anymore. It all gave me an idea–what if I compiled a bare-bones information and address checklist for people to use?

For a little while now, I’ve been pulling together a bunch of resources. With the pandemic and my PhD work keeping me very busy, I recruited DEVORA research assistant Thomas Stolberger to help finish off the document. He also added some nice artistic flair to it!

So, here it is, folks: a downloadable PDF checklist that provides an address, short blurb about each volcano, and some links useful for exploring each site:

Click here to download the Auckland Volcanoes Checklist!

The best way I have found to use it is to save it to my online drive (One Drive or Google Drive are great) and access it using my smartphone. I then check the volcanoes off and save the document as I go along. You can also just print off a hard copy and keep it somewhere handy for your volcano adventures.

Here is an example of an entry, with the icons and features pointed out:

We use Quick Reference icons to provide links to resources and offer up more information about the volcanoes.

If I had unlimited time and expertise, I would make an app and record free walking tours for the major volcanoes like you get at a museum, but that just isn’t possible at the moment. I will put this idea on my own bucket list…!

If you find any errors or have suggestions on how to improve this document, please get in touch using my University of Auckland email address (address found under “Contact Details’ in the right hand column).

How many volcanoes have YOU visited? How many Auckland volcanoes have you been to?

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