Project Management

I have extensive experience in scientific project management and very much enjoy the variety of tasks and responsibility involved. Since 2008, I have managed and supported research done through the DEtermining VOlcanic Risk in Auckland (DEVORA) programme. Since 2014, I have fulfilled the duties of my project management role alongside my doctoral research. As a DEVORA project manager, I:

  • Create and maintain long and short-term work plans and budgets
  • Co-lead our public outreach programme
  • Handle our media and communications strategies (e.g. website content, Facebook, press releases)
  • Write quarterly reports describing research progress of our 60+ scientists to our funding partners
  • Plan and carry out fieldwork
  • Analyse rocks using a variety of techniques, and interpret data
  • Supervise and mentor a research assistant team and other junior researchers
  • Communicate research results in written and oral formats to the scientific community, emergency managers and lifelines organisations, and the public
  • Provide support to the two programme leaders and wider research group
  • Liaise with stakeholders
  • Organise meetings, e.g. our annual research forum, steering committee meetings, student meetings
  • Anything else, big or small, that needs doing!

I described a week in this role here. My duties increase in number and responsibility every year and are highly variable in any given week.


I also assisted with the management of VOlcanic RIsk to Saudi Arabia (VORISA), a similarly-focused project on the Harrat Rahat volcanic field, from 2011 to 2014.

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