The latest blog post summarising Auckland Volcanic Field magmatism and hazard and link to academic paper can be found here.



Check out this great video about Auckland’s volcanic hazards:

Here Auckland Council Planning and Intelligence Manager, Richard Woods, describes the volcanic risk posed to Auckland:

DEVORA project co-leader, Jan Lindsay, talks about Auckland volcanism:

Dr Bruce Hayward gave a fantastic talk about Auckland’s volcanic landforms at the Auckland Museum:

What you can do to prepare for a natural disaster like an Auckland eruption?


The Auckland Museum has a series of webpages and audio about Auckland’s volcanic field.

This article provides more information about the DEVORA project: Shake Rattle Boom – monitoring Auckland’s volcanic field

Science Learn Hub has a number of pages with information and videos demonstrating some DEVORA research.

Powerpoint presentations and posters:

Teaching Resources:

This page lists some materials Uni Auckland staff used to teach Auckland’s teachers about the Auckland Volcanic Field.

General Geology, plus the Geology of Auckland!

Check out the Auckland Council’s GIS viewer to see locations of important geological features in Auckland, including the volcanoes! Check them out under Layers (top right) > Natural Heritage > Outstanding Natural Features.

Audio (radio):

Jan Lindsay explains everything you need to know about the Auckland Volcanic Field in this radio interview.

Field Guides:

Auckland and South Auckland Volcanic Field Field Guide (2012).

Rangitoto Field Guide (starts pg 27) (2012).

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